It’s simple.  Sophie Tashkovski strives to make Yoga a safe and accessible practice for everyone. New to Yoga, returning to Yoga after injury, or learning how to practice Yoga safely with physical limitations are Sophie's specialties.  Her goal is to ensure you are doing Yoga safely and correctly for both your mind and your body. Yoga should feel good and be a complement to your everyday life and other physical activity you engage in.  

Her purpose as a teacher is to assist you on your Yoga journey.  She carefully crafts Yoga classes using her understanding of anatomy cultivated from her 500 hour Advanced Yoga training with Tiffany Cruikshank’s Yoga Medicine Program. 

Sophie Tashkovski offers custom one on one Yoga classes at Syracuse Yoga.

Sophie Tashkovski offers custom one on one Yoga classes at Syracuse Yoga.

Over the past 7 years Sophie has helped clients with: 

  • Sciatica

  • Anxiety

  • Shoulder imbalance

  • Kyphosis

  • Injury recovery

  • Training recovery

  • Back pain

  • Improving flexibility and building strength

  • Beginning a Yoga practice

and so much more!  

Sophie and Syracuse Yoga are exclusive partners with the new Crouse Spine Wellness Center.  

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"I used to think that yoga is weird music, stretching, Sanskrit words spoken in hushed tones and either old “hippies” or young, shallow women who don’t like to work out and sweat…then I went to a Sophie Tashkovski yoga class and discovered that none of my preconceptions apply. Great, fun music, a hard workout with a teacher who helped me fall in love with yoga. Sophie teaches; she doesn’t just direct a series of poses. I can honestly say that my body, mind and life have all changed for the better because I met Sophie and became addicted to yoga." 

"When I started yoga with Sophie, I had multiple injuries. She was able to teach me modifications to not only work around those injuries, but also help strengthen the areas and even things out in my body. On top of that I love the peaceful setting where she practices, the welcoming community of women I have met there, and most of all, Sophie’s intelligent and fun teaching style."

"One of the first yoga classes I ever took was with Sophie. She was the perfect instructor to introduce me to the world of yoga and open my eyes to the many physical and mental benefits of developing a yoga practice. The welcoming and positive energy of her classes is felt as soon as you enter the studio. I always feel confident that I am practicing safely and I am so happy with the progress I have made in my practice. Even in a class with dozens of people, Sophie takes the time to make sure each person of getting the individual attention they need to maintain proper alignment and progress in their practice. As I was training for a half-marathon, I asked her to incorporate working on hamstrings into her upcoming flow. She took my suggestion and developed a great flow that provided the perfect balance to my running workouts. I have been practicing with Sophie for over 2 years now and I look forward to taking her classes every week!"

"Prior to practicing yoga with Sophie, I had taken some various classes around Syracuse. I often left those classes wondering if yoga just wasn’t my thing, as they were overcrowded and so much about athleticism and challenging poses. Then I started taking a regular class with Sophie, and immediately realized that yoga is indeed my thing. Sophie’s yoga is like no other yoga I had practiced before. She has the remarkable ability to explain what every breath and movement should feel like, suggesting the subtlest adjustments that make every pose feel exactly as it should. It’s as if she’s inside my head when I practice with her. Sophie’s yoga is not just about being strong enough to hold crow pose, and certainly doesn’t make me feel insecure about what my body can’t do. It’s what I always thought yoga should be: a personal journey that makes me feel invigorated, healthy, peaceful and positive."

"I started going to Sophie with my daughter nearly two years ago. Sophie’s positive energy and joy in what she is doing translates into more than a person who puts one through their postures . As a person over 65, I find Sophie a terrific instructor who has no problem creating sessions that are challenging for both myself and my athletic and limber daughter. While her knowledge and skill is always impressive, it is Sophie who creates sessions that are always something to look forward to."

"Sophie’s yoga helped me improve my running immensely. I truly believe I wouldn’t have PR’ed at my last half marathon if I wasn’t pairing my training with her yoga. She is the best there is!!!"