Inhale, Exhale, Love by Sophie Tashkovski

It’s been an interesting start to the year for me. There are other words I could probably use instead of interesting if I am really being honest, right?

I often have a mantra I repeat to myself. Different ones come at different times in life. Sometimes the mantra is on repeat during a Yoga class, or in challenging times, or even in the best of times. I use a mantra like a meditation. In 2019 the one I have heard in my head the most is “Inhale. Exhale. Love.” It’s on repeat. When I am stressed, or sad, or disappointed, or frustrated…when I am happy and beaming and open to accepting all that is coming my way…it fits for the good, great, bad, and even the saddest times.

I repeat the mantra and then I breathe. Big breaths in, big breaths out. I think about the space around my heart and try to fill it with love and light. I give and receive love, even when it is hard. I am open to new love, despite the way my last relationship ended, and while I miss my Dad so very much, I still feel his love all around me. Inhale, exhale, love. Repeat. Inhale, exhale, love. Repeat. Catch my drift?

Smile much? Best Smile JD 1993 coming at you hard in this one.

Smile much? Best Smile JD 1993 coming at you hard in this one.

Say it in your head or wear it proud on this super flattering muscle tank.

I designed this new tank with the help of an amazing graphic designer. She took the sad sketch my art teacher Mr Wenzel would have laughed at and turned it into something to be proud of. It’s a reminder for all of us. The symbols can mean whatever you need them to mean, and the words too. It can be your mantra or just a friendly reminder to soften a little. It’s what you need it to be.

For me, it’s a reminder that everything is going to be alright.

Want to purchase a tank? We have them in the studio or you can order on-line HERE

Lots of love to you all, Sophie