I'm busy, how about You?

I've been thinking a lot about this lately, this concept of "I'm so busy".  What are we so busy with?  Are we too busy to live our best lives? Oprah, can you hear me?  I think we need help!  

Sometimes we use it as an excuse: "Go to ___________ (insert event here)? Sorry, I'm too busy."

Sometimes it's the first thing we say in conversation "How are you?" "Oh, I've been so busy."

Is being busy a good excuse to miss out, or do we wear it as a badge of honor?

Is it a way of avoiding things you don't want to deal with?

Do we think we are supposed to be busy so we create more things to do to stay busy?  

Are we allowed to slow down and be relaxed instead?  

I would love to hear someone say this (in response to 'How are you?'):  "I'm great!.  I've been enjoying the summer and doing things I like to do, spending time with people I care about, and living my best life."   Have you heard anyone say something like this recently?  

Are we making time for the things that matter?

Do we make time for ourselves?

Let's stop being so busy.  

Here's what I'm going to do this week to try to crawl out from under the busy rock: I'm going to make space.  Space to think, relax, and breathe. I'm going to do some Yoga, hang out with friends, and laugh.  I'll still need to do some work, so my mantra this week is "I WILL NOT MAKE MYSELF TOO BUSY TO ENJOY LIFE!" (Yes, all caps means I am yelling!) 

I hope you can find some space in life and enjoy these last few precious weeks of Summer.  If you are struggling to make space in life,  come check us out at Syracuse Yoga.  We have several Yin and Restorative based classes that can help.  Other ideas: Try making some time for meditation or journaling during  your day;  you might find there is more space in your life than you thought.  It's possible if we slow down and receive a little, maybe we can reprioritize ourselves in the chaos.