Yoga in the Vines By Sophie Tashkovski

If you know anything about Syracuse, then you know we have 3 wonderful weeks of Summer (LOL).  Syracuse folk have been itching to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D.  When I booked the event on a snowy day in February, I had no idea just how perfect June 17, 2017 would be.  

Syracuse Yoga held "Yoga in the Vines" with Owera Vineyards this past Saturday. Sixty two Yoginis participated in an outdoor flow to a wine inspired playlist and then drank wine under the pergola.

Owera Vineyards. Photo by Buckshot Media. 

Owera Vineyards. Photo by Buckshot Media. 

If there is one word to describe Syracuse Yoga, it's Community.  I have found a wonderful way to build community in Syracuse by combining Yoga with food and drink. It started with my weekly Yoga Club that met every Thursday night after my Foundations class at O Yoga-we started at the Blue Tusk, spent a few weeks at Aster, and then settled in at Kitty Hoynes where we have been the last few years.  The friendships and relationships that I have built through Yoga Club are some of the best I've ever had.  We still have Yoga Club on the 3rd Thursday of each month!  

I know this isn't a novel idea-people have been getting to know each other over food and drink long before Yoga Club or Yoga events.  It selfishly started because I had moved here and was looking to make friends.   Adding the Yoga component gave a group of people that didn't know each other something in common we could talk about-yes!  We all liked Yoga!  Our topics of conversation grew from there.  

To reach a larger audience and build even more community, I've hosted events at Core Life Eatery, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Empire Brew Farm, Greenwood Winery, Vintage Love, and now Owera Vineyards.  These events bring in people from Syracuse and beyond, and everyone has an opportunity to socialize and build relationships.  I know that sometimes Yoga Studios can initially seem intimidating (Everyone will be standing on their heads!  I'm not flexible!); taking the Yoga out of the studio can attract a new group of students.  It's all in line with our motto-Yoga for Everybody, Yoga for Every BODY.  

Keep an eye on our Events page for opportunities to join us around Syracuse and beyond in 2017!  

I hope to see you at an upcoming event or at Syracuse Yoga soon!