Welcome to.....Syracuse Yoga (Part 2)!

I left you on the edge of your seat after that first blog post, LOL.  Here's what happened next: 

I moved to Syracuse (duh).  What I didn't mention is that I had been visiting Syracuse often over the 8 months of time off and was concerned by the lack of "Yogatunities" (yeah, I made that up). As I was going through my Yoga teacher training I was really concerned that I would not have a place to practice or teach in Syracuse.  

Yoga had rescued me during those 80+ hour work weeks back in Boston.  I'll always be grateful to Laura Hay for making me go that first time to Charlestown Yoga. Lisa Porier taught a fun class where I laughed and felt challenged and something changed inside of me.    

My Dad and I loaded up the U-Haul and hit I-90.  Then we pulled off 481 in DeWitt, and there were 2 Yoga studios opening up right down the street from my house, and another about to open in Armory Square!  I started working at Lotus Life a few weeks after I settled in to my home, and then switched over to O Yoga a few months later.  I was working my crazy job and teaching 1-2 Yoga classes a week, and I started a "Yoga Club" where I would invite the students from my Thursday night class out to have dinner/drinks after class. I became part of a wonderful community of clients and friends, and it was great to be close to my family again.  

I started to like those 2.5 hours of teaching Yoga  a lot more than the 80 or so I was working at the corporate gig, and then I knew it was time. Four years ago I said good bye to corporate life and hello to being a full time Yoga teacher.  I picked up a few more classes at the studio and started to build my own business, Sophie Tashkovski Yoga.  

The last four years have been an amazing journey of self discovery.  Stay tuned for more on that.  Until then, enjoy the long holiday weekend with friends and family!  I hope to see you at Syracuse Yoga next week!