Welcome to........Syracuse Yoga!!! By Sophie Tashkovski

How did Syracuse Yoga come to be?  Well, last year life changed.  Ok, rewind...four years ago life changed.  And seven years before that it changed...these changes that at first I was so nervous about turned out to be wonderful, crazy, amazing life changes that led me here with all of you.   

Seven years ago I was laid off from an intense career.  I took eight months of freedom to expand my horizons-a real turning point in my life.  I enrolled in a 200 hour Yoga certification program, traveled to Italy where I rented an apartment and ate my way through Florence and Sienna, and for fun I started a closet organizing company with one employee (me!).  I was having a good time after eleven years of 80+ hour work weeks, too many trips to Vegas, and waaaaay too many hours driving around New England.  I felt like I wanted to create something but I wasn't sure how, and life in Boston was very expensive for a closet organizing CEO.  That's when I started thinking of returning to my hometown, Syracuse, NY.  

In the eighth month of freedom said intense career called and offered to to hire me back into a promotional role focused in Central New York.  I initially hesitated but made a pros and cons list, and it became clear that this was my ticket home.  Going back to work got me back to Syracuse, and all the ideas about creating something were about to become a reality.  

I'm going to leave you on the edge of your seat now, LOL.  

You already know how the story ends, but there are 2 chapters missing.  Stay tuned, and in the mean time I hope to see you on the mat at Syracuse Yoga!