I'm busy, how about You?

I've been thinking a lot about this lately, this concept of "I'm so busy".  What are we so busy with?  Are we too busy to live our best lives? Oprah, can you hear me?  I think we need help!  

Sometimes we use it as an excuse: "Go to ___________ (insert event here)? Sorry, I'm too busy."

Sometimes it's the first thing we say in conversation "How are you?" "Oh, I've been so busy."

Is being busy a good excuse to miss out, or do we wear it as a badge of honor?

Is it a way of avoiding things you don't want to deal with?

Do we think we are supposed to be busy so we create more things to do to stay busy?  

Are we allowed to slow down and be relaxed instead?  

I would love to hear someone say this (in response to 'How are you?'):  "I'm great!.  I've been enjoying the summer and doing things I like to do, spending time with people I care about, and living my best life."   Have you heard anyone say something like this recently?  

Are we making time for the things that matter?

Do we make time for ourselves?

Let's stop being so busy.  

Here's what I'm going to do this week to try to crawl out from under the busy rock: I'm going to make space.  Space to think, relax, and breathe. I'm going to do some Yoga, hang out with friends, and laugh.  I'll still need to do some work, so my mantra this week is "I WILL NOT MAKE MYSELF TOO BUSY TO ENJOY LIFE!" (Yes, all caps means I am yelling!) 

I hope you can find some space in life and enjoy these last few precious weeks of Summer.  If you are struggling to make space in life,  come check us out at Syracuse Yoga.  We have several Yin and Restorative based classes that can help.  Other ideas: Try making some time for meditation or journaling during  your day;  you might find there is more space in your life than you thought.  It's possible if we slow down and receive a little, maybe we can reprioritize ourselves in the chaos. 


Welcome to Syracuse Yoga....Part 3

I left you last at the point where I said goodbye to corporate life and hello to teaching Yoga full time. 

Here's some real truth: Running your own business can be both liberating and terrifying!  Four years ago when I decided to teach full time I only had a loose plan of what that would look like. Without owning a studio, the only way to make money as a Yoga teacher is to teach classes. To pay the bills, that meant I had to teach A LOT of classes.  

I began to build my business and my brand, seeing private clients at my home or theirs, and going to different locations and businesses to teach.  To continue to build community, I began partnering with local businesses to do hold Yoga events that combined Yoga with good food, drink, and shopping. The plan started to come into focus.

I was teaching an average of 25 classes per week.  This is a lot of classes to prepare, especially for private clients that you are seeing weekly or bi-weekly.  For anyone that is thinking of teaching full time, know that to do it well requires a lot of careful planning and thought-make sure to consider the preparation time each week when scheduling classes.  The other thing I learned along the way was to make sure I was leaving enough time between clients and classes to travel, eat, make notes, and clear my head.  When you teach 6 classes a day you need time to regroup!  

To supplement my income, I ramped up my side business, Soflea-a vintage furniture and knick knack business with some interior design thrown in.  In Summer, when people are less interested in their Yoga practice and more interested in being outside, Soflea helped me continue to earn income.  Depending on where you live, it is often hard to pay the bills on Yoga alone, and there is no shame in taking on additional jobs to make it all work. It is far better than the alternative-going into debt and living beyond your means.  

Three years went by and things were getting better each year.  I was consistently busy, and my small group classes had wait lists!  

Then, just last year at this time, my life changed again.  A new relationship, and more career growth brought me to the next phase in this story.  It was time to find a commercial space to accommodate all the people that wanted to learn more about Yoga.  

It was a long search, and with the help of friends, my former next door neighbor, and a lot of help from Steve, I found the perfect location for Syracuse Yoga.  

That is how Syracuse Yoga came to be.  There are many more details to share, like how difficult it was to part with the studio I was teaching at, how to navigate all the craziness of opening a business, how to manage my current clients while building a business...we'll save these topics for another day!  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  I am off to teach Yang Yin at 5:30 PM at Good ol' Syracuse Yoga! 

A great weekend for Yoga at the Onondaga Cup and Lake Fest!

Syracuse Yoga had a blast at the Onondaga Cup and Lake Fest Regatta this weekend in Onondaga Lake Park.  We offered 4 free Yoga classes all focused on different muscle groups (hips, hamstrings, shoulders, and side body), and it was wonderful to meet so many new Yogis and Yoginis.  Events like this one are great for building community, and that's what we're all about-bringing people together through healthy activities.  Thank you for joining us!  

Yoga for Everybody, Yoga for EveryBODY at Onondaga Lake Park!  

Yoga for Everybody, Yoga for EveryBODY at Onondaga Lake Park!  

Several of our Partners in Health were with us at the Regatta.  We had a booth next to our good friends Saunacuse and Orangetheory Fitness, and we all enjoyed delicious lemonades from CoreLife Eatery-one of my most treasured Partners in Health.   Thank you for the hydration CoreLife and Meggan Camp, the blueberry mint lemonade was incredible!   

Otto the Orange stopped by for some Yoga too!  Yoga for every Orange!  

Otto the Orange stopped by for some Yoga too!  Yoga for every Orange!  

Syracuse Yoga is growing every week, with more of you coming in and experiencing the awesome positive energy at the studio. This weekend showed more than ever that there is a need for more Yogatunities in Syracuse, and I am so happy to be able to provide a safe space for you all to practice.  

Why not come check us out and see what all the fun is about?  We have a 2 week unlimited package for $30, and offer 20% discounts for Seniors 65+ and students with valid Student ID.  

Even our teachers had a blast at the event!  Patrick made Katherine fly!  

Even our teachers had a blast at the event!  Patrick made Katherine fly!  

We hope to see you on the mat soon!  Yoga for Everybody, Yoga for EveryBODY!  Namaste!  

Welcome to.....Syracuse Yoga (Part 2)!

I left you on the edge of your seat after that first blog post, LOL.  Here's what happened next: 

I moved to Syracuse (duh).  What I didn't mention is that I had been visiting Syracuse often over the 8 months of time off and was concerned by the lack of "Yogatunities" (yeah, I made that up). As I was going through my Yoga teacher training I was really concerned that I would not have a place to practice or teach in Syracuse.  

Yoga had rescued me during those 80+ hour work weeks back in Boston.  I'll always be grateful to Laura Hay for making me go that first time to Charlestown Yoga. Lisa Porier taught a fun class where I laughed and felt challenged and something changed inside of me.    

My Dad and I loaded up the U-Haul and hit I-90.  Then we pulled off 481 in DeWitt, and there were 2 Yoga studios opening up right down the street from my house, and another about to open in Armory Square!  I started working at Lotus Life a few weeks after I settled in to my home, and then switched over to O Yoga a few months later.  I was working my crazy job and teaching 1-2 Yoga classes a week, and I started a "Yoga Club" where I would invite the students from my Thursday night class out to have dinner/drinks after class. I became part of a wonderful community of clients and friends, and it was great to be close to my family again.  

I started to like those 2.5 hours of teaching Yoga  a lot more than the 80 or so I was working at the corporate gig, and then I knew it was time. Four years ago I said good bye to corporate life and hello to being a full time Yoga teacher.  I picked up a few more classes at the studio and started to build my own business, Sophie Tashkovski Yoga.  

The last four years have been an amazing journey of self discovery.  Stay tuned for more on that.  Until then, enjoy the long holiday weekend with friends and family!  I hope to see you at Syracuse Yoga next week!  


Sunday Seva by Sophie Tashkovski

Syracuse Yoga believes in community.  Yoga asana is wonderful and can benefit your physical body in so many ways.  When we take the Yoga off the mat the benefits are additive!    

How do you take Yoga off the mat?  One way is seva. In Sanskrit, seva is "a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it".  

Syracuse Yoga is looking to hold monthly Sunday Seva events to support local charities and organizations.  Do you know an organization that could benefit from a by donation Yoga class?  Syracuse Yoga will provide the space and Yoga instruction for free, and attendees donate to the organization sponsored each month.  

Today we held our very first Sunday Seva, supporting the Jowonio School.  Here's some information about Jowonio from their website: 

Located in Syracuse, NY, Jowonio began in 1969 as an alternative school for children whose families wanted a more open and individualized approach than they felt they could find in a public setting. The name Jowonio comes from the word in the Onondaga nation language which means “to set free.” The school’s founders chose this name because they believed that education should be freeing minds and emotions to learn and grow, freeing individuals from stereotypes and prejudices. From the beginning, Jowonio accepted a wide range of children. Since 1975, when special support was received from the N.Y.S. Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, the school has operated as a planful inclusive educational program where typical children and children with special needs can learn in the same classrooms. 

Syracuse Yoga's motto is "Yoga for Everybody, Yoga for EveryBODY'.  We believe in an inclusive Yoga environment, not a one size fits all, exclusive community.  That's why we were thrilled to have Jowonio be the first Sunday Seva.  

A few of the attendees to our first Sunday Seva supporting Jowonio School.  

A few of the attendees to our first Sunday Seva supporting Jowonio School.  

Thanks to Sophie Meskos for representing Jowonio School and helping make the event run so smoothly!  Stay tuned for more opportunities to build community and take your Yoga off the mat with Syracuse Yoga!